Meeting Radboudumc

The information on the website given by the International Office is useful to all international employees. Please note, however, that when it comes to practical assistance in these matters:
  • All non-EU employees can contact the International Office
  • EU employees with a paid contract can contact their HR Officer 
  • EU employees that are to work at Radboudumc but are engaged on an unpaid basis can contact their department

Before coming

Long-stay employees (ie. who are planning to work for Radboudumc for longer than 90 days.)
in your home country
Applying for permits
Travelling to Nijmegen
Finding accomodation

Upon arrival

in Nijmegen
Meeting Radboudumc
Registering at the municipality
Financial matters
Contract renewed
Contract expires

Meeting Radboudumc


The time after arrival in Nijmegen is very busy with arranging all kinds of practical matters. Here you can find what you need to take care of. We hope you enjoy your time at Radboudumc!

Meeting Radboudumc

New employees from outside the European Union are first contacted by the International Office. They will help with practical matters and then guide you to the HR Officer. Employees from inside the EU with a paid contact can go directly to their HR Officer.

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Collective Labor Agreement

The Collective Labor Agreement for University Medical Centers (CAO-UMC) provides information about the employment status of the employees of all eight UMCs.


Also, make sure to check out the services that the various departments within Radboudumc offer, such as forms for the annual performance review, or information on commuting expenses. More information can be found on the Radboudumc intranet (login needed).