After treatment

  • Yes, this might be the case. You may gain a small amount of weight during hormone treatment. A slight weight gain of about 2 kilos can be explained by water retention. The treatment may also affect your eating behavior, so please take extra care to maintain a healthy diet and remember to exercise sufficiently.

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FAQ reproductive medicine

Before treatment

  • Many women continue to suffer from spotting or brown discharge after starting the pill. This is not dangerous. Our advice is to continue with the pill and follow the treatment schedule as agreed. In case of severe blood loss or menstruation, please contact us. After switching to Decapeptyl, some bleeding usually occurs. This can be different than normal menstruation.

During treatment

  • You can ask urgent questions during nursing telephone consultation hours on weekdays between 8.00 AM and 9.00 AM. Call (024) 361 6644, choose 1, then choose 3. If necessary, the nurse can consult with the physician on the same day. For emergencies, we can be contacted on weekdays and weekends on the emergency phone number. Outside office hours you will be connected to the physician on duty.