News Awardees RIMLS Junior Researcher round 2019

4 October 2018

Recently, RIMLS held an internal call for Radboudumc junior researcher (PhD) positions.

An external independent multidisciplinary committee, comprising clinicians and non-clinicians, was formed to judge the projects in a two step procedure. The committee reviewed each project based on (a) novelty and innovation; (b) scientific quality; (c) quality of the research group; and (d) relevance for the RIMLS. The projects were subsequently scored by each member of the committee based on the project itself, initial referee comments and your rebuttal letter.

The RIMLS management congratulates the awardees and wishes them the best in conducting their research projects. 

This year 8 positions have been awarded to:

Ellen van den Bogaard, theme Inflammatory diseases
An old drug in a new jacket: towards drug repositioning of leflunomide for inflammatory skin diseases.

Joost Drenth, theme Renal disorders
Understanding the ‘L’ in Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Liver Disease.

Martin Gotthardt, theme Tumors of the digestive tract
Targeting activated cancer-associated fibroblasts for effective and personalized treatment of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma.

Sander Leeuwenburgh, theme Reconstructive & regenerative medicine
Injectable, self-healing colloidal biomaterials made of cell-penetrating gelatin and mesoporous silica nanoparticles for treatment of bone infection (InsideBone).

Mihai Netea, theme Infectious diseases and global health
Functional genomics of primary immunodeficiencies – towards personalized medicine in PIDs.

Ronald van Rij, theme Infectious diseases and global health
The virome of vector mosquitoes and its effect on pathogen transmission.

Ronald Roepman, theme Renal disorders
Targeting the tip of the cell’s antenna - how ciliary tip dysfunction drives complex phenotypes in ciliopathies.

Jolanda de Vries, theme Cancer development and immune defence
Dendritic cells to prevent cancer: Immune responses against neoantigens after dendritic cell vaccination of Lynch syndrome.

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Connecting splicing and epigenetics in skin stem-cells

20 November 2018

Sabine Tanis and Klaas Mulder, theme Cancer develoment and immune defense, found that part of this robustness is conferred by functional connections between transcriptional/epigenetic and splicing regulation of genes involved in cell-cell contacts. Their findings are published in Cell reports.

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A new autosomal-recessive hypotrichosis syndrome

20 November 2018

Ellen van den Bogaard, theme Inflammatory diseases and Patrick Zeeuwen, theme Infectious diseases and global health, report the first family with cystatin M/E deficiency in Genetics in Medicine.

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Cancer cell moves like a predator Lévy walk may be the weak spot of cancer cells

19 November 2018

In contrast to their non-metastatic counterparts, metastatic cancer cells show movement patterns that are also often employed by predators searching for prey. This was shown by an international study on movement patterns of cancer cells published in Nature Communications

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Wout Feitz new coordinator EU ERN eUROGEN

19 November 2018

For patients with a rare or complex urogenital disease or condition, eUROGEN is the European Reference Network.

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VSB Scholarships for studying or doing research abroad

16 November 2018

For those of you who have supervised or will supervise students who finish their BSc or MSc between 1-3-2018 and 31-12-2019.

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Sepsis-associated acute kidney injury: A randomized clinical trial

15 November 2018

Peter Pickkers, theme Infectious diseases and global health, published in JAMA, that among patients who were critically ill with sepsis-associated acute kidney injury, human recombinant alkaline phosphatase compared with placebo did not significantly improve short-term kidney function.

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