5 July 2019

In this last newsletter before the summer break, I would like to briefly summarize the first part of 2019 and look ahead to the many activities that will take place in the last 6 months of this year.

Our researchers already obtained many successes with their scientific achievements. To highlight just a few: the many publications in leading international journals, numerous prestigious subsidies including the ERC Advanced Grants for Mihai Netea and Carl Figdor and the Vidi grants for Matthijs Jore, Daniele Tauriello and Johannes Textor, and so much more. In case you have missed the respective announcements in our newsletter, on the RIMLS website all our news items can be easily found.

In May, we have organized two information meetings about the relocation of our research and patient laboratories. How will these laboratories look like in the future? In line with the Radboudumc-wide Master Plan, a vision for the future housing of our laboratories is currently developed. We are thankful that so many colleagues attended these meetings and signed up to participate in the working groups. The steering committee will now assemble the working groups. The intention for these working groups is to start after the summer.  Importantly, you can always find the latest information on the intranet page.

And last, but certainly not least, there will be another important event on the program, the celebration of 25 years of RIMLS. On Friday afternoon 27 September we will organize a Festival and party for current and former employees of our Institute entitled “The future is yesterday". Sign up for this event via the website. Do you know RIMLS graduates that would love to attend this event? Feel free to leave their contact information on our website. And you can also upload memorable RIMLS photos on the website. We will keep you informed via our newsletter and social media. So stay tuned. 

The summer period is ideal for a break, for a moment for reflection and to renew our energy for the upcoming period. On behalf of our management team, I wish you a beautiful summer and I hope you enjoy a well-deserved holiday with your loved ones.

René Bindels, 
Scientific director RIMLS
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New EU Research project ImmUniverse

27 February 2020

In this project (31 mEURO), RIMLS and RIHS researchers collaborate with 25 European partners on dissecting common disease mechanisms of Ulcerative Colitis and Atopic Dermatitis.

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Guiding the surgeon real-time tumor visualization during surgery

26 February 2020

Incomplete excision of tumor tissue negatively affects the prognosis of the patient. RIHS researcher Mark Rijpkema and colleagues are working on the development of new dual-labeled tracers and currently are implementing this into the clinic.

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NWO GROOT grant for Michiel Vermeulen

24 February 2020

Michiel Vermeulen, theme Cancer development and immune defense, received a 300,000 EUR grant within the NWO-GROOT consortium. He will use mass spectrometry-based proteomics and interaction proteomics applications to study proteome and gene expression dynamics during early C. Elegans development.

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NWO GROOT grant for Peter Friedl

24 February 2020

Peter Friedl, theme Cancer development and immune defense, received a 300,000 EUR grant within the NWO-GROOT consortium "Active matter of cancer metastasis" to identify the mechanisms of collective metastasis in breast cancer.

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Vierdaagse (Four Days Marches) call for projects

24 February 2020

Researchers pay attention! The Dutch Research Council (NWO) is looking for researchers to contribute to its outreach festival Expeditie Next, which will have an area at the Four Days Marches party (Vierdaagsefeesten).

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Three Vici grants for Radboudumc researchers

20 February 2020

Christian Beckmann, Sander Leeuwenburgh and Annette Schenck each receive a 1.5 million euro Vici research grant from NWO.

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