5 February 2020

On 31 January, DCMN researchers and collaborators gathered to talk about big data, as a means to work towards Open Science. During this meeting, opened by Guillen Fernandez, several big data sets and examples of methodologies were presented.

The presentations provided a glimpse of the huge amount of data collected from extensive collaborations, and are now (freely) available for potential reuse. The meeting ended with an interactive panel discussion during which important issues regarding the implementation and practical do’s and don’ts were addressed. Although many challenges still have to be overcome or still need to be addressed, the organizing committee felt that this meeting leads to increased awareness, and stimulates collaboration amongst DCMN researchers. Andre Marquand closed the meeting by presenting the DCMN Big data repository, an overview of datasets from DCMN investigators and their (inter)national collaborators that can be shared. This overview, that has been a result of many interviews with principal investigators, can be found on Donders Intranet.

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Dutch-Nordic Alliance for Precision Cancer Medicine launched

26 November 2021

The Nordic countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland) are together setting up national clinical precision cancer trials modelled on the very successful DRUP trial in the Netherlands.

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Last chance - Call for nominations Supervisor of the Year & Image award

25 November 2021

The RIMLS PhD Council has extended the deadline to 1 December to nominate supervisors and images for the supervisor of the year and image awards. Send in your nominations while you still can!

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The effects of dopamine levels on reward responsivity

25 November 2021

To adapt to the ever-changing context in which we live, we are constantly deciding how much effort to put into performing our behavior, or how fast to perform our actions. How do people decide how fast to act and how does the brain compute this? Our researchers set out to investigate this.

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Academic collaboration agreement between UTwente and Radboudumc

23 November 2021

The group of Biomaterials Science and Technology (BST) of the Faculty of Science and Technology at the TechMed centre of University of Twente has signed a formal academic collaboration agreement with the departments of Nephrology and Physiology at Radboudumc.

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Survey of patients to address knee pain from removed meniscus

19 November 2021

Patients with persistent knee pain after meniscus removal can participate at three locations in the Netherlands in the AIR2 study by ATRO Medical, a spin-off of the Radboudumc and DSM.

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