4 October 2018

DCMN launched a call for Radboudumc junior researcher (PhD) positions.

The projects were judged in a two step procedure. Each proposal was reviewed by two referees. Applicants were given the opportunity to reply to the referees comments in a rebuttal. The projects were subsequently scored by an the external independent multidisciplinary jury based on the project itself, referee reports and the rebuttal letter.

The DCMN management congratulates the awardees and wishes them the best in conducting their research projects.

This year 6 positions have been awarded:

Hans van Bokhoven and Bart van de Warrenburg
The diagnostic utility of hiPSC-based network signatures in genetic ataxias

Rob Collin and Anneke den Hollander
Central areolar choroida dystrophy (CACD): understanding the molecular pathophysiology towards therapeutic intervention

Rick Helmich and Roshan Cools
The role of neuroinflammation in progressive basal ganglia dysfunction in Parkinson's disease

Judith Homberg and Arnt Schellekens
Towards clinical management of the GHB Pandemoniun through translational collaboration

Annette Schenck and Tjitske Kleefstra
Characterizing and targeting sleep defects in Mendelian syndromes to improve cognitive functioning and life quality

Bert de Vries en Lisenka Vissers
An integrated whole genome sequencing and quantitative phenotyping approach for patients with intellectual disabilities

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19 January 2022

Laurens Verscheijden of the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, defended his PhD thesis, entitled "Mechanistic models for the prediction of brain drug exposure and response in the paediatric population: A virtual child reaching maturation.

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Aerobe exercise has a positive effect on brain function in Parkinson's disease patients

18 January 2022

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Last call for nominations for the RIHS Awards 2021 Deadline for submission is 25 January 2022

18 January 2022

RIHS researchers are invited to propose candidates for the RIHS PhD Award, the Societal Impact Award, the Science Award, the Supervisor of the Year Award, and the RIHS Patient Involvement Award.

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Cause of male infertility already present in DNA before birth

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New mutations in DNA, which are not inherited from the father or mother but arise spontaneously before or during fertilization, can cause infertility in men.

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Researchers Rogier Kievit and Geert Litjens were today festively welcomed by the Board of Directors, because of the ERC Starting Grants they both received. With these European top grants, they can each design an ambitious research project and put together their own research group.

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Improved AI will boost cancer research and cancer care Geert Litjens receives ERC Starting Grant

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Geert Litjens from Radboud university medical center has received a European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grant.

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