Training and supervision

Keeping on track

You have probably realized that time passes surprisingly quickly when doing your PhD. We recommend that you think about your progress and objectives for the coming year. This will help you keep on track.

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Keeping on track

Important questions

  • Is your PhD progressing as you had expected?
  • How would you assess the interaction and communication between yourself and your (co)supervisor(s)?

In light of these two questions, the following example points may be raised

  • Reflection on expectations from the PhD project and from the supervisor(s)
  • Reflection on end-of-year assessment [jaargesprek] with supervisor
  • Reflection on personal ambition & interests
  • Combination work and personal life
  • Future career plans
  • Reflection on achievements in last year
  • Reflection on personal strengths and weaknesses (knowledge gaps, specific interests)
  • Elective courses and workshops followed to date. Outcome & relevance e.g. in the light of improving weaknesses, technical expertise, future plans etc
  • Reflection on Timeline for writing thesis: thesis chapter ideas > chapter titles > start writing.
  • Foreseen difficulties
  • Update Training and Supervision Plan

Training & Supervision downloads

PhD candidates of RIHS and RIMLS can submit the following forms: DCMN PhD candidates can download the TSP format from the Donders Graduate School intranet pages (z number inlog).

Useful documents

Scientific Integrity: guidelines for publication and authorship

The 'Guidelines for publication and authorship' set the standard for the eligibility for authorship, and determine which order of authorship is the most appropriate. In his/her department, the head of department is responsible for creating a climate in which authorship and order of authorship comply with the basic principles of these guidelines.

See the full text of the document here.

Please pay attention to the fact that you cannot be member of a Doctoral Thesis Committee if you are co-author of an article that is part of the thesis of this PhD candidate