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Hypatia Track for research group leaders

This track is aimed at excellent researchers who are ready to develop themselves as leaders within their academic fields. This one-year program guides talents towards becoming successful research group leaders.

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Hypatia Track for research group leaders

Content of Hypatia Track at Radboudumc

Our Hypatia Track develops talents in the phase of setting up or further developing their own research groups. Inspiring employees and colleagues as well as increasing the influence of their own research group with respect to their vision plays a central role. Whether it is about finances, management, insight into decision-making processes or understanding the players involved, this phase focuses on leadership skills and practical understanding of the functioning of organisations.

The Radboud Hypatia Track plays an important role in teaching participants to stand up for the interests of their own research group in a dynamic environment, through training modules, peer reviews and individual guidance. The group is given an important role in shaping his/her actual program.

Personal guidance

  • Every talent is guided by a Talent Manager with whom they discuss their experiences in the program and their learning points in personal development. In this way, talents are challenged to further shape their personal growth.
  • In addition, every talent has a mentor, a senior scientist from another discipline, from whose experiences the talent can benefit.
  • And last but not least, the talents learn from each other! The participants find that this mutual exchange between talents in the same career phase is one of the most valuable aspects of this program.


Researchers at Radboudumc are open to apply to this program. The selection is made by a committee consisting of two members of the Talent Board and a Talent Manager.

We also offer an Hypatia Tenure Track Grant which is open to external candidates. External candidates can apply for the grant and once accepted may automatically partake in the Radboudumc Hypatia Track.

Hypatia of Alexandria

Hypatia, one of the first female scientists, is the patron for this track. A progressive scientist who stood for her opinions, not allowing to be hindered by traditional norms. Hypatia built her own school and inspired others to follow her ideas. In this way she represents the academic ambition.

Hypatia Fellowship Grant for external candidates

This grant aims to promote innovation in academic research by giving young and talented researchers the opportunity to establish an independent research group within the strategic areas of Radboudumc.

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Personal experiences Hypatia Track

Nael Nadif Kasri and others tell about their experience: "This gave me the opportunity to try out new techniques to see what the effect is, and improve my weaknesses." read more

Personal experiences Hypatia Track

* Nael Nadif Kasri

"In the Hypatia Track program, I learnt how I can develop as a research leader. To achieve this I was given theoretical frameworks and practical tips. Through role playing, we practiced for example, effective communication styles in difficult conversation settings. This gave me the opportunity to try out new techniques to see what the effect is, and improve my weaknesses. Everyone in the Hypatia Track is in the same boat;  a great plus point allowing you to learn from each other's experiences."

* Teun Bousema

"While an individual’s specific research interests are important, the Hypatia track is more about an investment in talent. To those they select, Radboudumc is saying, “We like your work, we want you to continue to work here and we trust you to use these funds in the best way possible.” That in itself is a good feeling. Beyond that, it has helped me to think about my research with long-term perspective. Hypatia has helped me extend my group’s network and has increased my visibility, both within Radboudumc and worldwide as a relevant malaria researcher.”

Other talent programs

Funding and support

Our Grant support office provides our researchers with information and advice on grant opportunities.

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