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Our purpose

The Amalia P4 research program is a horizontal program, bringing together all researchers and clinicians involved in (clinical) research with and for children, their parents, and their caretakers, aiming to provide high-class studies.


See some of the most important goals for this research program.

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We want to further improve the entire spectrum of prevention, diagnostics, therapy, care and innovation in all stages from preconception, pregnancy, and childhood to transition into adulthood. We do this by sub-aims:

  • Personalized
    Patient-oriented with rapid and accurate molecular and genetic diagnostics and clinical phenotyping; person-oriented with careful assessment of the psychosocial and societal context.
  • Predicitve
    A thorough study of disease course, disease mechanisms, biomarkers, modifiers and the response to therapeutic intervention.
  • Preventive
    From preimplantation genetic diagnosis, prenatal and neonatal diagnosis, to lifestyle interventions.
  • Participatory
    Patient- and parent advisory board; Nursing science; Educational research; Biobanking.

Research group leaders

See which research group leaders (RGLs) contribute to this research program.

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Research group leaders

Our programs form inspiring environments in which research groups work together toward a common and clear goal, enabling our researchers to strenghten collaboration and cross thematic and disciplinary boundaries. Within and outside Radboudumc.

RGLs contributing to this research program

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prof. dr. Michiel Schreuder

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