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Our purpose

The aim of the Amalia P4 research program is to further improve the entire spectrum of prevention, diagnostics, therapy, care and innovation in all stages from preconception, pregnancy, and childhood to transition into adulthood.


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  • Within this sub-aim, we will develop new methods to optimize (early) diagnosis and therapy, resulting in personalized medicine across the entire molecule-human-population spectrum and from preconception through (and where requested and appropriate) adulthood.
  • A thorough study of disease course, disease mechanisms, biomarkers, modifiers and the response to therapeutic intervention (pharmacological, interventional radiological, surgical, psychological, paramedical) is a key part of this sub-aim.
  • We aim to develop and promote strategies for primary, secondary and tertiary prevention, through lifestyle and through neonatal screening (heel prick), prenatal diagnosis and even preimplantation genetic diagnosis.
  • The active participation of the child and their family in the entire health process is vital.


prof. dr. Michiel Schreuder

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