About MITeC

MITeC offers unique consulting services and expertise to incorporate newly developed medical technology innovations and accelerate their success rate. read more

About MITeC

MITeC, which stands for Medical Innovation and Technology expert Center, groups together researchers, surgeons, technicians and other medical experts. At MITeC, the efficacy, efficiency, safety, and feasibility of innovative surgical procedures are assessed in studies. We further develop those procedures that have proven to have added value to patient care.

This MITeC environment is unique in Europe because of the combination of technology development and determination of clinical relevance by means of evidence-based surgery.

Connected operating rooms

The MITeC facilities consist of two operating rooms that are interconnected by an MRI room. In this MRI room, MRI guided procedures can be performed – if needed also under anesthesia. One of the two connected operating rooms is a typical OR, while the other is a hybrid OR including a ZEEGO system, a robotic-assisted positioning capability for interventions designed to offer greater flexibility of movement and image acquisition.

Improving patient care

As the operating rooms are interconnected, patients can easily be transported from one imaging modality to another, or from the operating table to an imaging modality. So, be transported from, for example, the hybrid OR to the MRI. The main advantage of this, is that a patient can get the necessary scans during an operation allowing surgeons to operate more precisely and immediately be able to assess whether more intervention is needed. This increases the success rate as well as diminishing the need of a second operation. It’s less stressful for patients as well as being more cost effective.


Thanks to MITeC, our experts have already discovered ways on improving several surgical procedures. The research groups that use our facilities give a good indications of the research that is conducted at MITeC. In order to enable new discovers, the MITeC facilities are open to researchers outside of Radboudumc. We are also open to collaborating with other researchers and organizations.

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Take a sneak peek in the MITeC operation rooms

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MITeC research projects

MITeC is open to research projects with researchers from any institution or company. We can offer advice, carry out research, give training or open up our operating rooms to researchers. read more

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