Research Themes Healthcare improvement science Do-not-do and de-implement ineffective care
At the request of the Dutch Minister of Health, Kool and colleagues have composed a Dutch do-not-do list with low-value care. They searched all 193 clinical guidelines published from 2010 on and observed a total of 1366 low-value services. The list was published (BMC Med 2016) and has been integrated into the consultants’ national guideline database. Similar to this list of wise choices for doctors Vermeulen and colleagues have also compiled a list of nursing activities which have little or no value to the patient (‘Beter-laten-lijst’). Publication of both lists received much media attention. The making of the lists is part of a national program for de-adopting low-value care. Central to this aim is gathering knowledge on how to reduce overuse and diminish healthcare of low-value.