Research Research themes Infectious diseases and global health Infections as a major global health problem

  • Outbreak management (Bleeker-Roovers, Hopman).
  • Appropriate antibiotic use and infection control to curb antimicrobial resistance (Hulscher, Wertheim, Hautvast).
  • Malaria biology, host defence and transmission (Bartfai, Bousema, Kooij, Sauerwein).
  • Clinical pharmacology of HIV treatment (Burger, van der Ven).
  • Pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis (Aarnoutse, Boeree, van Crevel, van Ingen).
  • Emerging viral pathogens with global burden such as dengue and chikungunya viruses (de Mast, van Rij).
  • Priority setting of ID control programs and improved health system responses (Baltussen).