Research Themes Inflammatory diseases Can we repair tissue to prevent further disease
“Osteoarthritis cannot be cured”, is stated on Wikipedia and in all rheumatology textbooks. This was already the opinion of the world-famous Scottish anatomist William Hunter in his textbook on joint diseases published in 1741. Our researchers (under supervision of van der Kraan), working within a consortium of 6 universities and over 10 companies, will prove William Hunter wrong in the STW Perspective consortium project ‘William Hunter Revisited: Activating intrinsic cartilage repair to restore joint homeostasis’. The final aim of the consortium is to develop a method, ready for clinical application, that will stimulate intrinsic cartilage repair. Tools will be developed that can monitor the metabolic state of a joint. This will make it possible to select patients with joint damage for either cartilage repair methodology or joint replacement, an enterprise that fits the ambition of the Radboudumc to strengthen personal medicine.