Research Research themes Reconstructive and regenerative medicine Urology: From nanomedicine to spin-off

In collaboration with NovioTech B.V. (NL), Hansen, Wilson and the Faculty of Science, IMM and the group for Molecular Materials of Rowan and the Urology research laboratory with Oosterwijk, Geutjes and Feitz, a combination of expertise led to the further development of new insights in the interaction between a new temperature sensitive hydrogel and cellular behavior and needed modifications. In 2014, a patent was claimed: POLYMER SUITABLE FOR USE IN CELL CULTURE (PCT/EP2014/065233). A new spin-off company Secmatix B.V. was founded in which Noviotech B.V., the Radboud University and Radboudumc are partners with a new CEO for the further commercialization of innovative research products.