Research Research themes Urological cancers Theme’s influence on cancer diagnosis and treatment

The team members of this theme have managed to influence international guidelines in the diagnosis and treatment of all three cancers in the theme. Taking part in or even guiding the international committees that define these guidelines is the final step in taking technological developments all the way to accepted clinical practice. The European guidelines on muscle-invasive and metastatic bladder cancer have been published under our guidance, and have received over 400 citations to date. Since the development of multi-parametric magnetic resonance imaging the team has been involved in standardizing the acquisition and interpretation of this diagnostic technique for prostate cancer, leading the initial European guidelines (>970 citations) and co-authoring the joined European-American PIRADS system (>300 citations). Consensus recommendations for management of patients with advanced prostate cancer, and both updates (years 2010 and 2014) of the European guidelines on renal cell carcinoma were co-authored by our team members (>580 citations).