11 January 2018

The KWF awarded projects from RIHS and RIMLS researchers.

We congratulate our researchers with this funding and wish them a lot of success with their great work. 
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Research project: "Lifestyle factors and urinary bladder cancer: etiologic and prognostic heterogeneity by tumour stage and molecular subtype"
Alina Vrieling, RIHS 
Approved budget: € 575,740
Research project: "Lamin deregulation and nuclear envelope rupture in cancer cells-gatekeepers of invasion and metastasis?"
Katarina Wolf, RIMLS 
Approved budget: € 542,316

Research project: "Anakinra: safety and efficacy in the management of Fever during neutropenia and mucositis in patients with multiple myeloma receiving an autologous hematopoietic stem Cell Transplantation after high-dose melphalan (AFFECT)"
Nicole Blijlevens, RIHS 
Approved budget: € 616,647

Research project: "Improving asparaginase therapy response in acute lymphoblastic Leukemia by targeting pre B-cells receptor signaling"
Frank van Leeuwen, Laurens van de Meer, RIMLS 
Approved budget: € 572,856
Research project: "Towards a blanded mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for psychosocial distress in cancer patients "
Anne Speckens, Melanie Schellekens,  DCMN/RIHS 
Approved budget: € 217,396
Research project: "Reprogramming the glioma microenvironment by interfering with the sialic acid-Siglec axis".
Gosse Adema, Kim Santegoets, RIMLS 
Approved budget: € 493,630


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