12 January 2022

To look back at the year 2021, RIMLS organized a special webinar. In this online New Year Celebration, scientific director René Bindels reviewed 2021 together with Clasien Oomen and Dagmar Eleveld-Trancikova. In this live show, Sandra Heskamp pitched her amazing year in which she was appointed as professor, Alex Hoischen presented the successful publications of his team and an exiting new technology available at Radboudumc and Jo Zhou pitched about how to be successful in grant applications and how to maximize pleasure (and minimize pressure) in work.

A preview of an excellent vlog by Cas Boshoven featured three of the nine PhDs who received their degree ‘cum laude’ in 2021. This very entertaining vlog will be published in the RIMLS Annual Report 2021 (expected publication in March 2022). Finally, Helma Pluk disclosed the evaluation and successes of the international research master’s program of RIMLS: Molecular Mechnisms of Disease.

Most importantly, a number of our researchers received prizes in the traditional RIMLS awards ceremony (for list see below). 


The various juries had to choose winners from the nominees. A hard job, because the quality of the nominees was very high. The prizes presented during the webinar were: Best Master thesis, Best publication, Best PhD thesis, MIC Image Award, RIMLS Travel Awards 2022 and the the honorable and highly desired award: Supervisor of the Year! 

Finally, Helma Pluk was surprised to receive a special honor: the RIMLS Award for long term excellent work for the RIMLS institute.

To view this New Year Celebration webinar from 11 January 2022:

Please find here an overview of the presented RIMLS awards of 2021: 


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