Practical matters

  • When leaving the Schengen zone you will need to hand in your residence permit to a Border Security Officer.
  • You will need to close your bank account and transfer the money to another account. If you were paid by Radboudumc, you will receive your last salary in the month in which you work your final day at the medical center. The final check takes place one month later.
  • You will need to unregister at the Municipality Administration of the municipality where you live. 
  • The Dutch Tax Administration (Belastingdienst) also needs to know that you are moving away from the Netherlands. You can let them know when you are removing your registration at the Municipality Administration, and give them your new address.
  • Find out at ABP what happens with your accrued pension when you leave the Netherlands.

Before coming

Long-stay employees (ie. who are planning to work for Radboudumc for longer than 90 days.)
in your home country
Applying for permits
Travelling to Nijmegen
Finding accomodation

Upon arrival

in Nijmegen
Meeting Radboudumc
Registering at the municipality
Financial matters
Contract renewed
Contract expires

Contract expires

Practical matters

If your contract expires, Radboudumc will let the Immigration Office (IND) know that you are leaving. You will need to do a few things before you leave.

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