Before coming

Long-stay employees (ie. who are planning to work for Radboudumc for longer than 90 days.)
in your home country
Applying for permits
Travelling to Nijmegen
Finding accomodation

Upon arrival

in Nijmegen
Meeting Radboudumc
Registering at the municipality
Financial matters
Contract renewed
Contract expires

Travelling to Nijmegen

Airports near Nijmegen

There are several airports near Nijmegen good public transport connections to get to the city and Radboudumc.

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Airports near Nijmegen

Schiphol Airport (near Amsterdam) has a train station with a direct train to Nijmegen. This trip takes about 1h30m and usually trains run twice an hour. Find the train times and prices on the NS website. Alternatively, it is possible to arrange a taxi in advance via Schiphol Travel Taxi. This service also works for other airports in the Netherlands.

Other airports that are close to Nijmegen are Eindhoven Airport and in Germany Düsseldorf Weeze and Düsseldorf International.

Public transportation

Public transportation in the Netherlands is extensive. You can take the train and/or bus to get to Radbdoudumc.

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