25 July 2018

The Departments of Laboratory Medicine and Hematology entered into a partnership with the Social impact foundation MWH4impact on Natural Killer cell therapy.

In a 4-year program MWH4impact financially supports specialized staff to enable the “market-readiness” of the promising Natural Killer (NK) cell therapy product developed in the Radboudumc. This involves the upscaling and implementation strategy of an off-the-shelf NK cell product generated from umbilical cord blood stem cells.

Harry Dolstra, (photo above), Joop Jansen and their team, theme Cancer development and immune defense, have succeeded in growing these NK cells from stem cells in large numbers. They received grants from KWF to examine in patients whether these NK cells can effectively combat leukemia and ovarian cancer cells. Together with MWH4impact they are in an unique position to further develop and bring the NK cell therapy to patients with cancer.


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