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Geert Grooteplein Zuid 10

Entrance: Radboudumc main entrance (hoofdingang)
Route: 441

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Visit REshape Center

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Radboudumc Innovation Space
Radboudumc main entrance
Geert Grooteplein Zuid 10
6525 GA Nijmegen


Go to Geert Grooteplein Zuid 10
Enter building at: Radboudumc main entrance (hoofdingang)
Follow route 441 (Radboudumc Innovation Space)


Secretariat REshape Center

024 - 366 8911
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About REshape and our core business

The REshape Center brings the dynamic (inter)national outside world to Radboud university medical center and makes easily accessible connections from the inside out. Core activities are exploring and investigating the potential impact of new technologies and setting up design sessions based on co-creation with healthcare professionals, patients and other stakeholders to arrive at potential innovations, from problem to opportunity. We also inspire our academic medical network by helping to set up national movements such as Dutch Hacking Health and the Health Innovation School.

By innovations we mean all innovations in patient care that cause a radical change in diagnostics, therapy or how care is provided. We are not talking about small process improvements. Also, we must be able to apply innovations in practice; we will not develop ideas and concepts that are only theoretically interesting. Our innovation process is aimed at maximizing the chances of successful improvements in patient care.

If a promising idea arises within a healthcare department or REshape that requires further development before it can be applied in practice, the iLab comes into view. Together with the initiators, the iLab specialists work on innovations on a project basis, quickly preparing them for implementation. From there, the innovations find their way into patient care both inside and outside Radboud university medical center. This allows us to apply care innovations to contribute to our mission: ‘to have a significant impact on healthcare’.

People-oriented Design

At the REshape Center, we use the Design Thinking methodology. Design Thinking is based on the People-oriented design process that focusses on empathy for those for who we design, and on the feedback provided by these people. read more

Radboudumc Innovation Space innovate together

Radboudumc Innovation Space (route 441)

Located in the old clinical laboratory, the Radboud university medical center Innovation Space intends to be a creative breeding ground for Radboud university medical center colleagues. At this location, different parties involved in the Radboud university medical center innovation process can come together to share knowledge and experiences, and jointly achieve the successful implementation of promising concepts to improve care for patients and/or healthcare professionals.

Freely accessible events are organized frequently. Keep an eye on the calendar to stay informed.

The Radboud university medical center Innovation Space houses the following organizations and events:

New technology in healthcare

Rapidly developing technologies are opening up many new opportunities in healthcare. Technology is becoming smaller, cheaper and smarter! At the REshape Center, we explore the future of health and care. read more

Patients Included

At REshape, we involve the patients in everything we do. We have worked with patients on projects, and patients have been part of all our events. They were in the audience and on stage. read more

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