4 April 2019 16:00 - 4 April 2019 17:00

Do you have questions about innovation? If so, please visit us, no strings attached, at Eerste Hulp Bij Innovatie (‘Innovation Emergency Response’). Radboudumc Innovation Space (route 441)

During this open consultation hour, colleagues from REshape, iLab, PVI, IM, Valorization, Betaalbaar Beter, Medvalue and Hotspots are available to help you. Ask us all your questions about innovation: about innovation in general, about your own ideas, about current innovations from colleagues, about the innovative solution you are looking for to solve certain problems, and more. If you cannot make it today, don’t worry; there will be another consultation hour in two weeks, on a different day and time.

Or send a message to: innovation@radboudumc.nl