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dr. Arjan van Laarhoven
BIG-nummer: 19913716501

Over Arjan van Laarhoven

I aim to unravel mechanisms underlying damaging inflammation (‘immunopathology’) and increased susceptibility to tuberculosis and other mycobacterial infections, to guide immunotherapy. lees meer

Over Arjan van Laarhoven

We have therefore initiated the Radboud Mycobacterial Cohort Study (‘MyCoS’, CMO NL2021-13231) to systematically collect clinical, microbiological and immunological data of our patients, to eventually improve their care. Internationally, I participate as a postdoctoral researcher in two NIH-funded projects on tuberculous meningitis, aimed at metabolomics (‘ULTIMATE’) and proteomics (‘INTERCEPT’) to understand the immunopathophysiology and design targeted treatment. My PhD thesis "Host response in relation to tuberculosis susceptibility,My PhD thesis 'Host susceptibility, transmission and outcome of tuberculosis" is available at


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  • Geneeskunde (MD) Universiteit van Utrecht
  • Promotietraject (PhD) Radboud universiteit Nijmegen


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