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dr. Bram Tilburgs MSc
BIG-nummer: 49050567530

Over Bram Tilburgs

I am a intensive care nurse, psychologist (master health psychology) and post-doctoral researcher at the research department of Radboudumc ICU. I have great interest in person centered care. During my PhD I researched the effectiveness of a dementia advance care planning intervention for primary care physicians and practice nurses. After my Phd, I researched different approaches to advance care planning for people with dementia in primary care at the Leiden University Medical Centre. I also worked in the support team person centred care at the Radboudumc department of Process Improvement and Innovation.

Since 2020 I work as a post-doctoral researcher at the Radboudumc ICU research department. Here my research focusses on person centered care in the ICU, long-term outcomes of an ICU admission, delirium and the work environment of ICU nurses. I am a coach of medical students nursing science, master students and ICU students, and teach at the Radboud health Academy. 


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