Personen Indira Tendolkar


prof. dr. Indira Tendolkar
BIG-nummer: 39059964001

Over Indira Tendolkar


Being a neurologist and psychiatrist by training IT has developed a specific expertise in the top specialism of neuropsychiatry in particular focusing on neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Huntington’s disease. In 2006 she developed the psychiatric screening at the local Parkinson Day Clinic, an internationally recognized Center of Excellence. Over the last five years she has implemented specific patient care for old age psychiatry and set-up an outpatient clinic for old age psychiatry. From May 2015 onwards she has focused her clinical work on the consultation psychiatry within the RUMC where she supervises in particular the neuropsychiatric and old age psychiatry consultations. From her longstanding research expertise within stress-related mental disorders, IT has embarked on a collaboration with the Department of surgery/MITEC to investigate the aspects of healing environment on course and outcome of surgical diagnostics and intervention and integrate this into patient care. Recently she has started a collaboration with the Department of hematology-oncology to apply short cognitive interventions in patients with acute distress symptoms


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