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prof. dr. Katrien Grünberg
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Over Katrien Grünberg

Katrien Grünberg is hoogleraar Pathologie. Ze is verbonden aan 'rare cancers' theme binnen RIMLS en aan de afdeling Pathologie lees meer

Over Katrien Grünberg

Katrien Gruuuuu2n

Katrien Grünberg MD, PhD is a professor of pathology at Radboud University and head of the department of Pathology at Radboud university medical center in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Her field of expertise as a pathologist is thoracic pathology. She is a member of the council of Radboudumc Oncology Center, of the Radboudumc staff council and of the Radboud Biobank advisory board. The department runs a state of the art all-round molecular diagnostics unit and made a full transition to digital pathology in the last year. She is the former president of the Dutch Scientific Society and she was one of the initiators of the Pathology Image Exchange platform (PIE) that allows all Dutch pathology labs to share whole slide images for consultation, revision and panel discussion. She co-coordinates the PATH project (supported by ZonMw Dutch Government Research grant) to optimize molecular diagnostics in the Netherlands.


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  • Proefschrift (Leiden, 2000): Rhinovirus infections in asthma: an experimental approach.


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