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Patrick Zeeuwen is an assistant professor at the Department of Dermatology. His research line focuses on cellular differentiation programs that regulate the formation and homeostasis of the epidermis. Experimental approaches include genetics, mouse models, and in vitro model systems for skin barrier function/dysfunction, to get fundamental insights into the biology of skin barrier formation and cutaneous host defense mechanisms. From a clinical perspective, this work is relevant for elucidation of monogenic diseases and the proposed role of compromised skin barrier function in development of inflammatory skin diseases like psoriasis and atopic dermatitis.

Furthermore, he pioneered microbiome research of human skin and was the first from Europe to publish on this (Genome Biology 2012). He built a network for skin microbiome data analysis including a corporate partner (NIZO), sequencing provider (BaseClear) and bioinformaticians (CMBI). Using this skin microbiome analysis pipeline, the dermatology group recently smashed a major dogma in the most prevalent inflammatory skin disease, AD. We showed that the main genetic risk factor in AD affects the skin microbiota composition rather than causing a loss of skin barrier function (JACI 2017). Furthermore, they recently discovered that a psoriasis genetic risk factor acts via the skin microbiome (JID 2017). He initiated the development of human 3D in vitro skin microbiome models. These will be great assets for his two major ambitions: (1) to investigate how changes in microbiota composition affect the pathogenesis of AD and psoriasis, and (2) to develop new topical skin therapeutics, which will include microbiome-modifying agents such as pre- , pro- and anti-biotics.


  • senior researcher dermatologie


  • bestuurslid van de Nederlandse Vereniging voor Experimentele Dermatologie

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