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dr. René Melis

Over René Melis

Trained as physician and senior epidemiologist, I am currently working as principal investigator at the Department of Geriatric Medicine of the Radboud University Medical Center, Nijmegen, the Netherlands. My work is completely devoted to research, where I since 10 years supervise a research team of ten persons. With the aim to have a substantial societal impact and using methods from epidemiology, growth modelling and time series analysis, we do multidisciplinary, cross-cutting research into better care for elderly.

Central theme of my research is heterogeneity in ageing (resilience, frailty, disability, multimorbidity, cognition) and central is to understand why some people accumulate many different (health) problems when they age (pathological ageing) and how this influences their lives as they age (prognosis). Dementia is a disease model we often use to study heterogeneity in aging.


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