Zebra lichaampjes-2

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The following electron microscopical (EM) photos show some common and less common ultrastructural alterations of muscle and nerve. It may help those who practice daily muscle and nerve diagnostics, but may also aid others to learn more about muscle and nerve EM. Copies of pictures can be used for non-commercial purposes if the source is indicated.


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Afwijkende mito's 1

Afwijkende mito's 2

Afwijkende mito's 3

Concentric lamellated bodies

Curvilineair bodies

Cyto­plasmatische lichaampjes

Filamenteuze lichaampjes



Grods-CLN10 bewezen

Grods-CLN2 bewezen

Kern inclusies

Myeline figuren

Myofibrillaire myopathie-1

Myofibrillaire myopathie-2

NCL-Curvilineaire lichaampjes

Nemaline rod-1

Nemaline rod-2

Redundant basaal membraan

Rimmed vacuolen

Semidun coupes abnormale mitochondriae

TRS tubuloreticulaire structuren

Tubulaire aggregaten


Zebra lichaampjes-1


Abnormale Axons


Bungerse banden

Cluster sheet

Collageen pockets

Curvilinear bodies


Focal folded myelin

Gedemyeliniseerde axonen

Geremyeliniseerde axonen

Gezwollen structuren met fingerprints

GRODS in ­ zenuw weefsel

Knoop van Ranvier-1

Knoop van Ranvier-2

Lafora body

Mixed­ Fingerprints-Curvilineair bodies

Ongemyeliniseerde axonen

Onion bulb- basale lamina

Onion bulb Schwanncell-layer

Remak bundle

Renault lichaampje

Schmidt-Lantermanse insnoering

Teased fibres

Teased fibres knopen

Teased fibres tomacula


Vater Pacini corpuscle

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