Data stewardship Expertise and services

Data Stewardship Technology Center provides knowledge, services and solutions to fulfill your research ICT needs in a way that suits each individual study.

expertise and services

Data stewardship Expertise and services

The DRE offers researchers a safe and well equipped research environment for analysis, storage en sharing of data.

Areas of expertise

  • General research data management issues
  • The Digital Research Environment (DRE)
  • Castor
  • Epic for research
  • Labguru
  • CliniQuest


  • Find the ICT solutions that best suits your research data management.

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Digital Research Environment

DRE is a cloudbased ICT platform which helps researchers handle their data.

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Epic for research

Many data items that are collected specifically for research purposes are best collected through Epic, as capture can be integrated into the care process. This saves time, effort, money and leads to more complete data sets. more on Epic (Intranet, log-in needed)


CliniQuest is an application which allows you to extract Epic data for your study, without the need for access to Epic and without access to privacy sensitive information. more on CliniQuest (Intranet, log-in needed)

Castor Electronic Data Capture

Castor is a web-based Electronic Data Capture tool used for clinical research. The tool provides user management including specific user roles, a randomization module, development and management of surveys, support for multi-center trials, easy import and export of data. more on Castor (Intranet, log-in needed)

Labguru Electronic lab journal

Labguru is an electronic lab journal in which users can organize their research projects and sample management in an easy, accessible way. It is a web-based application where you can manage your experiments, work together, track and report research progress.

Our experts

The Data Stewardship team consists of nine members, all experts in the field of research data management.

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