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Data stewardship Expertise and services

Data Stewardship Technology Center provides knowledge, services and solutions to fulfill your research ICT needs in a way that suits each individual study.

expertise and services

Data stewardship Expertise and services

We help researchers capture, handle, analyze, store and share their (complex) data, in a way that is in keeping with laws and regulations.

Areas of expertise

  • General research data management issues
  • The Digital Research Environment (DRE)
  • Castor
  • Epic for research
  • Labguru


  • Find the ICT solutions that best suits your research data management.

How can we help enhance your research?

ir. Ariaan Siezen
+31 (0)24 361 68 87
Technology center representative

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Digital Research Environment

DRE is a cloudbased ICT platform which helps researchers handle their data.

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Castor Electronic Data Capture

85% of medical research data is never re-used. This is due to poor data quality, lack of standardization, and by the data being inaccessible to others. Castor enable researchers to capture high-quality, standardized data at the source and make it available for re-use.

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Epic for research

Many data items that are collected specifically for research purposes are best collected through Epic, as capture can be integrated into the care process. This saves time, effort, money and leads to more complete data sets.

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Labguru Electronic lab journal

Labguru is an electronic lab journal in which users can organize their research projects and sample management in an easy, accessible way. It is a web-based application where you can manage your experiments, work together, track and report research progress.

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Our experts

The Data Stewardship team consists of nine members, all experts in the field of research data management.

Research groups Data stewardship

Discover some of our research that is related to data stewardship.

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