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prof. dr. Robert Takes
BIG-nummer: 59024198801

Over Robert Takes

Robert Takes leads the multidisciplinary head and neck oncology expertise center of the Radboud University Medical Center since 2009. After being chairman of the research steering group for 10 years, he is president of the Dutch Head and Neck Society (NWHHT). He is co-founder of the head and neck oncology quality registry, the Dutch Head and Neck Audit (DHNA), member of the board of directors of the Head and Neck Cancer Inter Group (HNCIG) and co-founder and secretary of the International Head and Neck Scientific Group (IHNSG). His research interests are quality of care and quality of life, lymph node diagnostics and optical and image-guided surgery in head and neck cancer. He has (co) authored several bookchapters and over 300 peer-reviewed scientific papers.


  • KNO-arts/hoofd-hals chirurg/hoogleraar hoofd-halsoncologie


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