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The pediatrician, internist or gynecologist can refer you or your child to our center of expertise. We will then invite you or your child for an appointment.


The appointment with your child will take place at the outpatient pediatric clinic, route number 788. You can check in at desk A or B. The administrative officer will check your child's details. Afterwards, you can wait in our waiting room.
A nurse will pick you up here. In the consulting room:
  • The nurse will measure your child's height, weight and blood pressure.
  • The pediatrician will go through all the details with you, ask questions about your child's health and conduct a physical examination. Often a pediatric urologist will be present. We want to avoid unnecessary physical examination, such as genital examination. Sometimes, we will ask you and your child’s permission to take a picture of your child to discuss our findings within the team of specialists.
  • Sometimes, we will carry out additional tests, such as blood tests. This is also performed at the outpatient clinic by an experienced pediatric nurse. If your child has extreme fear of needles, an educational staff member can accompany your child or we can apply a sedative ointment before we draw blood.
We will discuss the results of our investigations within our multidisciplinary team. We will usually inform you about this per telephone and, if necessary, plan follow-up appointments.


Appointments for adults with a DSD clinic will take place at the outpatient clinic for Internal Medicine, Gynecology or Urology, depending on your specific question.
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